Room 3 – Stem

Gien Verschatse & Kenny Baas

Eight Point Squared & Weave IT

Senior consultant & collaborative modeling facilitator

Facilitating collaborative design decisions

If we want to make sustainable design decisions for our architecture that are embraced by everyone, the most effective way is to do this collaboratively. Everyone can feel a part of the decision and can potentially give the input they have. The group is aligned and knows what is to be expected onward. On paper this sounds great, but in reality, we know it is hard to do because we need to deal with all sorts of group dynamics. Dynamics like cultural differences, conflicts of opinions, cognitive biases, and polarities that the group are part of. These dynamics cause people to stop sharing what they want, which ends up in resistance behaviour from sarcastic jokes, to stopped communication or leaving the session. No wonder a lot of people resort to a more autocratic form of decision making, where the architect analyzes and makes the decision. So how can we make collaborative design decisions better?

Room 1 – Einstein 2

Mert Ünsal


Senior Solutions Engineer

The Future of Service Management with Atlassian

The future of Service Management is set to take a massive leap forward with Atlassian’s innovative solutions. Atlassian aims to revolutionize Service Management by employing technology to enhance customer service, automate operations, and facilitate better decision-making. With the introduction of smarter technologies like AI and machine learning, Atlassian’s updated service management tools will phase out traditional, less-responsive systems. This means greater efficiency, more detailed insights, and enhanced cross team collaboration. Atlassian’s platform also focus on breaking down information silos to improve cooperation between teams. By integrating these strategies, Atlassian is not only changing the landscape of Service Management but also setting the pace for the future. Such advancements are set to bring about a significant transformation in how companies handle service management, making it more customer-centric and remarkably efficient.

Room 1 – Einstein 2

Christian Saalwächter


Solution Engineer

Data-driven Enterprise Architecture for Application Modernization

In an era where technology and customer requirements are constantly evolving, companies can no longer deal with legacy systems and techniques that fail to meet their business needs. Thus, application modernization has become a necessity for businesses to stay competitive.

Join Christian Saalwächter, Solution Engineer and find out how to achieve application modernization while moving towards a data driven Enterprise Architecture (EA). During her presentation she will discuss:

  • How to transform legacy systems into modern, efficient, and scalable applications that can meet current and future business demands.
  • How organizations are leveraging modernization as a strategic move to increase business agility, improve customer experience, and drive innovation.
  • Strategies, benefits, challenges, and key steps involved in the application modernization process.

Room 2 – Ampère

Ben Sprangers


Service Delivery Manager

Getting the bigger picture (LCM Customer Case)

Facing complex scenarios with multiple agile teams on a shared project, we had to master dependency visualization and mitigation. Additionally, we craved a roadmap management tool. Curious about the tool that transformed our journey?

Discover our story and the solution we’ve embraced!

Room 3 – Stem

Marta Szczetyńska


Product Owner

Towards ITIL Excellence: Exploring Deviniti’s Jira Apps for Modern IT Service Management.

Prepare for an exclusive preview of what lies ahead in the realm of IT Service Management (ITSM) – a showcase of innovation at its finest! Witness a captivating demonstration as our state-of-the-art Jira applications seamlessly harmonize with ITIL methodologies, transforming everyday challenges into remarkable successes. Join us to discover practical solutions for the real-life obstacles encountered by professionals just like you.

Room 1 – Einstein 2

Sofia Neto


Director of Customer Success

Fearless Visibility

Are you brave enough to make your work (failures and successes) visible? How open is your team? Do you find yourself in a collaborative company? Charles Darwin once said: “It is the long history of humankind (and animalkind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” With this talk, we will share how to enhance a collaborative environment where quality is everyone’s responsibility and how an open & honest culture is critical to DevOps.

Room 2 – Ampère

Filip Tomaszewski


Sr. Partner Manager

How to bridge your agile enterprise gaps

Scaling agile isn’t just about expanding it to new teams; it’s about harmonizing all of your stakeholders and unifying dozens of teams across various departments. However, you might have noticed the gaps in your team’s work, communication, or alignment that crop up as you implement agile across new teams and working methods. Join Tempo for this discussion on how to uncover gaps in your teams and the strategies to overcome these challenges

Room 3 – Stem

Andreas Haaken



Improve Lean Service Management with Epic Sum Up

With Epic Sum Up you can track your key metrics; identify potential budget breaks; and create simple live reports of your agents’ work in minutes.

Room 1 – Einstein 2

Fiore Fraquelli


AI Community Manager

Beyond the Buzz: Discovering True AI Business Value

Understanding of AI’s capabilities varies widely among people. Some believe it to be a phenomenon surpassing the industrial revolution or the Wold Wide Web, others dismiss it as mere hype, a bubble on the brink of bursting. This polarization is due to the fast paced evolution of AI.

Ever felt like you’re missing out? Worried about falling behind on competition? Instead of waiting for the dust to settle, let’s tackle this challenge head-on.

Together, we aim to demystify the true essence of AI. By delving into practical examples that range from enhancing daily efficiencies to catalyzing business transformations, we aspire to guide you in identifying the specific AI solutions that could revolutionize your business.

Room 2 – Ampère

Daniel Roller

Agile Hive (Seibert Media)

Product Owner

Agile Hive – The Innovation of SAFe® Within Jira

Unlock the power of agile practices at an enterprise scale with the easiest, and most powerful way to implement “SAFe® in Jira” – Agile Hive! Join us for a dynamic presentation where our Product Owner, Daniel Roller, demonstrates the cutting-edge Jira solution designed for Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) practitioners. Elevate your team’s level of collaboration and witness the power of Agile Hive as it transforms Jira into a hub for efficient, SAFe®-compliant workflows. Revolutionize your software or product development journey with Agile Hive!

Room 3 – Stem

Tomasz Pośpiech


Product Owner MVP

How generative AI is changing the face of ITSM

“How Generative AI is Transforming the Face of ITSM” focuses on the benefits of implementing generative AI in ITSM. It discusses process automation, support for employees, and data analysis and forecasting. The presentation also highlights potential challenges and introduces the tool “AI Process Optimizer” in the context of enhancing ITSM.

Room 1 – Einstein 2

Christian Saalwächter


Solution Engineer

Application Rationalization Key To IT Cost Optimization

To keep up with the rapidly accelerating pace of business, enterprises have amassed thousands of applications in their portfolios due to various drivers like M&A, organizational changes and the adoption of cutting-edge technology. In this ever-changing environment, companies must continuously transform while they are carefully examining their IT budgets and optimizing costs. Application portfolio rationalization can be used to refine the current application portfolio of the organization with the primary objectives of enhancing efficiency, minimizing complexity, and reducing the overall total cost of ownership (TCO) through various methods.

Join Christian Saalwächter, Solution Engineer at LeanIX and learn best practices for using Enterprise Architecture to navigate the changing business and economic landscape while ensuring resilience. During her presentation she will discuss: 

  • Why Application Rationalization is a key focus area for IT Cost Optimization

  • How Enterprise Architecture is strategic for managing and keeping costs under control

  • How employing a single source of truth enables transparency in your interconnected IT portfolio and support you in application rationalization initiatives.

Room 2 – Ampère

Marvin Fredriks & Fun Man Andy

Kiss The Frog & Tempo

Unity Developer & Atlassian Community Leader

From Frogs to Princes: ramping up Agile Dev Ops in the Interactive Media world

When a company finds it’s success and starts to grow, it will start to discover new challenges in how to scale at agile, and that is what the highly succesful Dutch company, Kiss The Frog, encountered wit their business.

With rising challenges in how to track their project time and how to report on that within their Atlassian systems, they turned to Tempo products to find the answer.

Join Marvin from Kiss The Frog and Fun Man Andy of Tempo as they delight the audience with their Scaling Agile experiences with Atlassian & Tempo tools.

Room 3 – STEM

Marc Borgers, Koen Mertens & Peter Dierckx

Digitaal Vlaanderen

Service Delivery Managers

Jira ASSETS as the central pillar for comprehensive ITSM integration

We would like to share the journey that began three years ago. Our first step was setting up the Jira feature Insight (now known as Assets) and seamlessly integrating all the different ITSM processes. We were placed in a complex and constantly changing environment, striving for high-performance goals for multiple agile teams involved in various strategic products.

Room 1 – Einstein 2

Anna Odrynska & Khrystyna Shparyk

Alpha Serve

Chief Strategy Officer | Co-owner & Business Development | Partner Manager

How to enrich custom ITSM reporting in PowerBI: Jira and Zendesk use cases

Today, owners of businesses cannot rely solely upon their own strategic assumptions and market assessments. Thorough data analysis is key to success in a fast-paced business environment fueled by quick technology development and high competition. With that thought in mind, Alpha Serve has paid specific attention to the development of connectors linking various professional software with business intelligence tools.

In this presentation, we tell how the managers of big companies, IT teams, and business analysts may benefit from project management tools and Power BI integration including Power BI Connector for Jira and Power BI Connector for Zendesk

Room 2 – Ampère

Alexandr Yessipovskiy


Software Engineer

More Time for Innovation: Effective Automation with Jira and Beyond

Uncover the most pressing challenges in today’s business environment: the constraints of manual, paper-based, and Excel-driven processes. Discover how these outdated methods not only impede efficiency and accuracy but also undermine innovation and compliance. Our presentation highlights the urgent need to transform these processes, offering insights into forward-thinking solutions. Learn how to revolutionize your daily workflows, enhance the robustness of your processes, and cultivate a culture of innovation and strategic development in your organization. Prepare to reshape the future of the workplace!

Room 3 – Stem

Alisa Tietz

Mantra (Seibert Media)

Partner Manager

Transform your Employee Onboarding with Confluence & Mantra

Did you know that 20% of employees quit within the first 45 days of employment? This means companies have to make sure that from the moment that the new hire signs on, that they don’t end up walking out after the first because the company was unprepared. Discover the impact of integrating a standardized onboarding process into a modern communication and collaboration hub, such as Mantra, not only in attracting new talent but also in keeping them.

Room 1 – Einstein 2

Peter Van de Voorde


Chief Community Coach

Improving team performance through the magic of metrics

What makes High Performing teams high performing? What keeps others back from becoming a high performing team? How do you measure and improve performance? How do you turn this into a long term success and not a short term burnout story? All these questions will be answered in this session.

Join us to get a better understanding of what’s holding your teams back, how you can remove those roadblocks, and give your teams the support they need to be successful.

Room 2 – Ampère

Charlotte Aleksandrowicz


Partner Manager

Jira and Confluence: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger together

Confluence and Jira are powerful tools but together, they can transform the way your teams work together and smoothly help you manage project.

Join us for an insightful session on how to seamlessly integrate Confluence and Jira, empowering your team to access key and up-to-date information from anywhere. From publishing Jira issue details to Confluence to synchronizing data effortlessly, you’ll leave equipped with the knowledge to foster enhanced collaboration and take your team’s productivity to new heights. Project management has never been easier.

Room 3 – Stem

Maximilian Förster


Customer Advocate

Delivering Exceptional Help Experiences: A Deep Dive into Scroll Viewport for Confluence

In today’s fast-paced world, organizations and their customers need to access information quicker and more easily than ever before. Confluence offers the ideal foundation to enable teams and educate customers – it just needs to be set up the right way!

In this talk, you’ll learn how Scroll Viewport transforms Confluence into beautiful online help centers and documentation sites. Dive deep into customer use cases and see real examples of how teams are making use of the entire Scroll Apps suite to deliver exceptional help experiences for their users. With features like authenticated access, custom domains, powerful integrations and more, these teams are able to expand their use and value of Confluence to better educate and enable their users.

Room 1 – Einstein 2

Kitty de Ruijter


Solution Engineer

Atlassian Unleash recap

Join me for an insightful recap of Atlassian Unleash, a pivotal event for agile, DevOps, and platform engineering enthusiasts. We’ll delve into the latest innovations in developer experience and AI, exploring how they’re shaping our industry. The talk will highlight the event’s core themes: fostering the right development culture through a blend of people, practices, and tools; implementing new AI workflows; elevating agile and DevOps practices; and the importance of community connections. This session promises actionable insights and learnings from over 30 expert-led sessions and workshops, equipping you with knowledge to transform your teams and organizations.

Room 1 – Einstein 2

Yves De Smet

Sustainability manager and lecturer

The Intricate Dance of Artificial Intelligence and Imagination

On the superpower called imagination and the largely untapped potential of creative thinking, and their role in the past, present and future of AI