Technovate 2024 Schedule

Room 1 – Einstein 2

Einstein 2 – 11:30


Einstein 2 – 12:30

Technovate team (Abano, Konato, BIQ, 9Yards)


Einstein 2 – 12:40

Mert Ünsal (Atlassian)

The Future of Service Management with Atlassian

Einstein 2 – 13:30

Christian Saalwächter (LeanIX)

Data-driven Enterprise Architecture for Application Modernization

Einstein 2 – 14:00

Sofia Neto (Xray)

Fearless Visibility

Einstein 2 – 14:30

Fiore Fraquelli (Cronos.AI)

Beyond the Buzz: Discovering True AI Business Value

Einstein 2 – 15:15

Christian Saalwächter (LeanIX)

Application Rationalization Key To IT Cost Optimization

Einstein 2 – 15:45

Anna Odrynska & Khrystyna Shparyk (Alpha Serve)

How to enrich custom ITSM reporting in PowerBI: Jira and Zendesk use cases

Einstein 2 – 16:15

Peter Van de Voorde (Umano)

Improving team performance through the magic of metrics

Einstein 2 – 17:00

Kitty de Ruijter (Atlassian)

Atlassian Unleash recap

Einstein 2 – 17:30

Yves De Smet

The Intricate Dance of Artificial Intelligence and Imagination

Einstein 2 – 18:00


Room 2 – Ampère

Ampère – 13:30

Ben Sprangers (LCM)

Getting the bigger picture (LCM Customer Case)

Ampère – 14:00

Filip Tomaszewski (Tempo)

How to bridge your agile enterprise gaps

Ampère – 14:30

Daniel Roller (Agile Hive – Seibert Media)

Agile Hive – The Innovation of SAFe® Within Jira

Ampère – 15:15

Marvin Fredriks (Kiss The Frog) & Fun Man Andy (Tempo)

From Frogs to Princes: ramping up Agile Dev Ops in the Interactive Media world

Ampère – 15:45

Alexandr Yessipovskiy (Decadis)

More Time for Innovation: Effective Automation with Jira and Beyond

Ampère – 16:15

Charlotte Aleksandrowicz (Elements)

Jira and Confluence: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger together

Room 3 – Stem

Stem – 13:30

Marta Szczetyńska (Deviniti)

Towards ITIL Excellence: Exploring Deviniti’s Jira Apps for Modern IT Service Management

Stem – 14:00

Andreas Haaken (APTIS)

Improve Lean Service Management with Epic Sum Up

Stem – 14:30

Tomasz Pośpiech (Deviniti)

How generative AI is changing the face of ITSM

Stem – 15:15

Marc Borgers, Koen Mertens & Peter Dierckx (Digitaal Vlaanderen)

Jira ASSETS as the central pillar for comprehensive ITSM integration

Stem – 15:45

Alisa Tietz (Mantra – Seibert Media)

Transform your Employee Onboarding with Confluence & Mantra

Stem – 16:15

Maximilian Förster (K15t)

Delivering Exceptional Help Experiences: A Deep Dive into Scroll Viewport for Confluence